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More Half-Marathon…Here Already?

Motivation after my marathon to do long runs has been low. Mind you, Chicago was in October but since then I have taken on a very demanding job and started planning my wedding. Running, something that was a huge priority last year, has fallen down on my list.

Now that I’m looking to fit into a wedding dress and look my best I’ve gotten my motivation back. It is now not about a race, or the goal just to finish but really to start a new chapter in my life. I want to on my wedding day feel 100% comfortable with how I look and feel and I know that getting back on a consistent training schedule will be huge in getting me to that goal.

I signed up for More a while ago, even though last year it wasn’t my favorite race. I thought it would keep me on track but instead I’ve been a bit sporadic with my training. I feel strong, however and I’ve done a few runs that have been great so I’m not too nervous but I know this will be nowhere near a PR.

So I’m taking it easy, starting out to my new goal, New York 2010. I’m happy I decided to do this at this point only for the AMAZING gift bag which is pictured above. I also met some great people with Team in Training and I think I’m going to run the Hamptons Half-Marathon in October for Charity!

Good luck to all of the runners tomorrow, stay dry! At least it won’t be 80 degrees like last year!!!


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