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I call it Post Marathon Depression. I need to start running again. I did a bit of a recovery run but I’ve been such a lazy sack this weekend. I have been so focused on “Chicago!” that now that it is done I’m left a bit overwhelmed with all of my projects coming up rather than geared up and focused.

I have two jobs, three if you count auditioning as a job. I am planning a bunch of wine events currently that start in a few weeks. I know that once they start happening and I successfully run an event on my own I’ll be a lot less stressed about the whole situation.

I’m also starting wine school tomorrow!!!! So really a lot of amazing things are happening right now. To be honest, I think the blues are mainly coming from the fact that the weather has just gotten so nasty all of a sudden. I thought the cold weather would stay in Chicago but it is here in New York…BOO! I wish I could say it more eloquently but BOO!

I missed Arizona this weekend a lot. I missed my dad and my mom. I know that I’ll get used to this fall weather and start running again and feel a lot better. I also realized last night, after some heavy drinking and late-night eating, that I am not that party animal anymore and I am ok with it. As “adult” as it sounds I’d rather have a couple drinks with friends, go home and watch a movie with my dog so I can have a productive weekend rather than blizting my brains out and eating a lamb gyro at 2am. (not that that happened…oh wait…it did).

I’m so excited for the next few weeks. Starting school, a couple of wine events (that i’m leading ahhhhh!), trip to Chicago for the Northwestern 5 Year Reunion, NU Football, and cheering on my friends at the New York Marathon.

Oh wait. Feeling better already. Debbie downer needs to go put on her puffy coat to go see her running buddy David and tell him all about her race 1 week ago!


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