The Great State of Alaska

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I am in Alaska and I couldn’t be happier. It is cold, foggy and the air is so clean that my lungs are having a nervous breakdown with all of this fresh air. Sitka, Alaska is where my family has gone for the last 20 years to fish and hike and it is just a beautiful little Alaskan town. Other than the hordes of “boat people” brought it my the cruise ships it is a really peaceful place and I get to participate in something that I love almost as much as running. FISHING!

I think no matter how hard I try to live a healthy lifestyle when I get away with my parents and finally relax and get sleep I really feel so much better. The last few nights I have been asleep by 10pm! No wonder why my runs have gotten so much faster!

This morning I was a little sore after three plane rides to get here but after going to bed super-early I was so excited to hit the trail at 7am. It was cold and misty outside and I ran out for a quick run before breakfast. I decided to run to Totem Park which is a national park that has a beautiful trail among big lush trees. I knew there was a short way and a long way and I was hoping to only run 30mins so I could shower before catching breakfast with my parents.

Running on a trail feels so good on my body after concrete and asphalt in New York. I also run so much faster…to fast actually because after two miles I realized I was running 10m/m. I tried to slow down a bit but I was almost home our hotel I decided I would keep it a short one and go for 5-6 miles tomorrow adding in another loop of the park.

The only issue was that I was worried a bit because every year I was told to be careful of being in the park alone. I passed a few walkers with their dogs so I wasn’t really worried about any shady folks out in the woods (come on, I live in New York!) but I should have been actually looking for bears.

Totem park, I found out later this afternoon after talking with a National Park Ranger at the Raptor Center (a bird rehabilitation center) is currently full of bears. So full of bears that they only recently re-opened it and the trail up by the Raptor Center is closed completely. I don’t know if bears are attracted to pink spandex, if so I should stay away from the trail but I might just tempt fate and head out again tomorrow.

Marathon training so far has been a bit rough but in the end I’m feeling strong and evidently my dad, seeing me run down the road from our hotel room window, remarked that I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in a while. So in the end looks like running here is going to be great! Just gotta run really fast so I don’t get eaten by the bears!

Oh also, it is my 28th Birthday. Can’t wait to run my first marathon this year and I think that this will be my happiest, healthiest year in my 20s yet!

**Pic above is a 50 pound King Salmon I caught two years ago.


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