Big Hills and Big Changes!

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I have to admit that other than the NYRR races on the weekends I usually shy away from running the park drives because of the hills. Since I started my marathon training I have been doing a lot of research on gaining speed and endurance. One of constant things that I keep reading is that running hills is the best way to do that.

I know…I am training for a MARATHON hills should not be a problem for me. I’ve realized that this is making my races on the weekend harder than they should be. Even though my next NYRR race will be my last one for a while I can’t keep thinking “The Chicago Marathon is flat I don’t need to run hills!”

Today I decided to combat my “phobia” of doing hill training. To be perfectly honest it was a great run. I am going to, as my long run this weekend (6 miles) do the 5-mile course for the FRNY Gay and Lesbian Pride Run and then add a mile in the beginning. This will bypass Harlem Hill but I will do the long slow incline on the West Side and Cat Hill.

Running Central Park is also amazing in the summer because after slogging through the concrete jungle it makes you feel like you have escaped the city. I will admit, I’m not really a city girl. I grew up enjoying the outdoors and running is a fun way for me to enjoy getting some fresh air sometimes even seeing some wild animals. Today I saw a Raccoon. A crazy looking Raccoon that when I stopped to take a picture of it it stared me straight in the face and I really thought it was going to attack me.

Tomorrow I am going to a Yoga class and 30 mins of cross training and Sunday is 6-mile long run. After a few very fun weekends in a row I am going to take a few days and focus on taking care of myself…running…eating well…yoga….and also make a game-plan for not only my running but my work as well.

I quit my sales job yesterday. I can’t say enough how excited I am about this! It never paid enough for the amount of work I put into it and to be perfectly honest sales was driving me insane. I tried to open up new accounts and after having doors shut in my face for months on end I needed to just say, “Ok, this is not my thing.” I have never quit a job before, and because even when I had issues with work my boss would never speak with me on the phone, I sent an email which seemed cowardly but in the end I think I was clear on why I was leaving.

The weird thing is that I worked two days on crafting an email, which was ultimately difficult for my boss, and neither me nor the powers that be at the parent company have even responded. I have never met the people in Chicago and I have only physically seen my boss in person once when I first started. There have been attempts on their part to get the team together but after 18 months I don’t really think it was ever going to happen.

I am excited to take on more responsibilities with a new job that I think will ultimately be a great opportunity to do something that I love, wine education. New beginnings…big hills… and just a brighter summer!


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