Memorial Day, Multiple Blessings and Reality

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To celebrate the Memorial Day holiday I stayed home, slept, and hung out with my dog. Well, to be perfectly honest I was recovering from the last few weeks so there was no way that I was even attempting to get out of the city. In a short span of time I had my mom visit, went to Chicago, worked a bunch, and then had a friend from LA visit with whom I spent a few nights in a row reliving my early years in New York.

That all translates to alcohol, a lot of it. I sound like a booze hound on this blog sometimes but usually I have a couple drinks these days and call it a day. I used to party it up every weekend but the older I get the harder it gets and with all of my running I have the alcohol tolerance these days of a 13 year-old boy.

I needed a break and I needed to clear out my body and mind before my marathon training starts in earnest. I needed to run. I needed to sleep. I needed to tune everything out. I decided to keep the weekend fun and just to easy runs. I even tried again to run with Fiona the dog which lasted for about a quarter mile before she was just done. She LOVES running up stairs so did a lot of that. Mommy needs to do those stairs more often because my butt has never been so sore (mental note).

I can stay on the beach all day long but New York sun only allows me to stay outside for brief amounts of time before I get hot and bothered. Other than my runs and Fiona time I did get into the great outdoors to do lunch at the Boat Basin but time inside was simply spent watching “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” I LOVE reality TV marathons when I am lazy. I never know when these cable shows are on but when I catch them all at once I sort of freak out.

My friend Sasha over at Zelda Lily (and Sasha is a Monster) is a bit obsessed with this family and after watching a couple episodes I felt like I was on Gosselin bender. Those kids were so freaking cute, but in the end it was creepy to see how far this family has gone off the deep end in regards to really appreciating each other, their huge house and all of the blessings they have gotten by being mini-celebrities.

Needless to say I’ve been pondering my own blessings… Kate Gosselin makes a huge deal of her book “Multiple Blessings” yet is treating her unique situation now like a huge burden. Life is a series of choices and you just have to listen to your gut. Rest when you need to, get around people you love when you need to, get out and run when you need to. Such strange thoughts coming from such a silly show but it has stuck with me. Case in point: the photo above is from a BBQ where we “Jon and Kate Plus 8” were a very rabid discussion topic. Something about this situation and the demise of a once seemly happy marriage has touched a cord in people.

These last few weeks have left me exhausted but after a few days of sleep and poodle time (yes, I am the crazy dog lady) I feel revived and blessed at the fact I could stay in the city have lunch with an old friend, drinks with some new friends and a BBQ with a whole mess of lovely people. I am lucky. My career might be a bit of a melange of strange jobs and my IMDB profile isn’t what I want it to be but I have amazing friends, a happy healthy family, the best and most understanding boyfriend one could ask for and the cutest dog in the world.

Happy Summer! Happy Running!


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