Chicago Running!

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I just got back from the most amazing weekend in Chicago! I have to say, I would live in Chicago if the weather were in the 60s/70s all year long. Sadly, that is not the case and I was just thrilled to see sun!

Reason for all of my trips to Chicago is the boyfriend and his business school had a Miami Vice themed party on a boat that I couldn’t pass up. These fun parties are a bit rough on the running the next day so I knew a Thursday party would mean a Sat or Sunday run.

Saturday was a bit of a bust because the Art Institute had opened up its new Modern Art Wing and I also wanted to enjoy a relaxing day with the boyfriend. Even with all my training I’m afraid when we really tries to “run” with me he is going to kick my booty unless we run over 8 miles… I brought my new Livestrong running shorts which I really have to say are just amazing to run in.

Sunday morning I hit the trail! On my way down to the Lakefront I realized that there had been a Half-Marathon that morning. I was a bit bummed that I hadn’t realized I would be in Chicago during a half…I think I may have ran it. There also was something called the Walk and Roll which was some kind of biking walking even that seemed very confusing… I kept passing both runners and walkers and I couldn’t figure out who was doing what… Someone at one point handed me water, which I was hesitant to take but they insisted and had a huge table of it so I grabbed some and headed south.

Running by the Aquarium and the Planetarium was AMAZING. I felt so hard-core running by the water with the waves and the seagulls. Once again, really wanted to move to a place with a beach. Run was slow but got in a solid 6.5 miles and felt amazing after. I can’t believe my training is going to be all over the map this summer. So far here is what my travel plans are (and where I’ll be running)

Chicago: June 12-16
Croatia: July 9-17
London: July 18-19
North Dakota: Aug 8-10
Alaska: Aug 11-17
North Dakota: Aug 18-20
Chicago: Aug 21-24
(then a mélange of US Open, best friend’s wedding (Sept 5th!) and mommy visit)
Nantucket: Sept 25-27
Marathon: October 11th

So excited to run Chicago in October. I’m looking for training tips now!!! This week I’m going to start keeping a journal here on the site of my weekly runs, travel and progress!!! Enjoy.


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