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MORE Photos


Well, photos from More I guess….confusing really. More photos from More… oh whatever…

I usually HATE my running photos. Spandex never really looks that good on me. I am happy in normal clothes but somehow spandex just does everything wrong for my short curvy body.

On that note…this photo I really like because I am smiling and actually look like I’m having a good time. In reality it was about 80 degrees when this was taken, my foot hurt and I was a bit woozy. Funny thing was I was having an amazing time. I think mainly I’m just proud that I am doing these runs alone…I am pushing myself which is something that hasn’t always been easy.

My post running body has hurt and somehow I have cuts all over my abdomen from my wet shirt (I kept pouring water on myself) rubbing up against my body. Yesterday my legs were kind of burning… I think the faster I run the harder my recovery is going to be…the more I can push myself the harder the recovery is.

Tomorrow the running will begin again. I need to be in fine form for the Mother’s Day Race! I am so excited because my mommy will be in town and we are going to be running the 4m race together then having a boozy Mother’s Day brunch!


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More Half-Marathon


Waking up this morning I knew that this race was going to be a tough one. I always test out the weather and know what to wear during my runs when I walk my dog Fiona. After a cup of coffee and some water since I was feeling a bit wiped out after spending yesterday in the sun (more about that one later) I went outside to discover it was a beautiful and warm morning.

Beautiful and warm translate to “way to hot to be running a race.” Getting to the start I was feeling pretty jazzed up with my new running gear and then I found out the Marathon was cancelled and the Half-Marathon would be a fun run. My heart broke for the women who had trained for the Marathon only to see Mother Nature ruin it. It was in the 70s by the time the race began at 8am. There were 10,000 ladies out and though I know a lot of us were a bit nervous about the weather the energy was amazing.

This run was clockwise which I tried one just once before. It was a nice change and it really made me appreciate how beautiful and amazing Central Park is. The first big hill I powered up and then slowed down a bit on the east side. Thankfully there were some water sprayers and lots of water and Gatorade at the water stations. Thanks so much NYRR for making sure we all had water!

They had said if we couldn’t finish the race in 3 hours to ditch out at 7 miles (the sort-of halfway mark and the eventual finish line). PF Changs I ran in 3 hours so the idea that on this hot day I could run any better than that was daunting. I hit about 6.5 and looked down at my watch and was well on my way to a great pace. Feeling empowered and slightly dizzy I took a moment to walk off the heat and pour some water on my head and I kept on trucking.

The second time around I did a bit more walking. I listened to my body and stopped at every water station making sure that when I could fall into a good pace I did. I did end up running most of it which I was happy about. Looking around me I felt amazing to be in the company of such amazing women. I kept seeing the same ladies over and over, and we all were in it together.

In the end my time was 2:38! I ran 26 min faster than PF Changs. This in itself was super-emotional for me because I am seriously making headway on my goal for Chicago. Thank You for all of the supporters out today, NYRR and the More Organizers. Hot race but it was a great one!

Women Rock!

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More Fitness Expo!


I have to admit I love Fitness Expos. I have had a love for free things and gift bags ever since I was a little girl and my dad would take me to the auto show. Back then I would come home with pounds of worthless stuff but come home and relish all of my goodies.

Not much has changed and today I took an hour out of work to go down to 18th St. to the More Fitness Expo. This was smaller than the PF Chang’s Expo but still had some great freebies and shops to browse running gear. I thankfully got to buy my SPIBELT and my Gracie’s Gear tank that I had passed over back in January. They had some great sales and being the recessionista that I am I couldn’t pass over fun running stuff!!

The More Half-Marathon this year has some great sponsors that were giving out some fun stuff. I got Vanilla Silk Soymilk and Cookies, Aquaphor Samples from Eucerin and a cool wristlet from Aquaphor as well. Below there is a picture of all of my goodies. In my gift bag were two magazines, Fitness Magazine as well as More along with some almonds and more coupons!!!


Interestingly enough we also got passed some very important information about overheating and hydration for the race. I am starting now and having some salty food as well as lots of water. I am going to make myself some Gatorade to drink before the race as well as some electrolyte supplements. For the race itself I love Sport Beans which are these amazing energizing jellybeans. I am not going for a personal best at all because of this weather. It would be silly and I’m about 90% sure I’ll do the Brooklyn Half-Marathon in May so maybe then I will hit my stride with this distance.

Sunday I am going to show up, get it done, have a cocktail and see my friend John’s Broadway show in the evening! I can’t wait to run with all of these amazing women. Today I saw a group of friends that were all running the marathon which means they are all over 40 which just was shocking since they looked not a day over 30. They were so cute taking photos at the Expo and in the subway make me think of all of the amazing women in my life that inspire me.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

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Women Rock


As I keep mentioning, somehow I am going to attempt to run the MORE Half-Marathon after a really poor attempt at training. For my Marathon Tiffany will have a serious PLAN not just a hodge-podge of running that together makes up a lack of a plan.

This run is awesome because it is a big celebration of fabulous fit females. I will miss the cute boys running by (come on, motivation has to come SOMEWHERE!) MORE is different because the Marathon itself is for women 40 plus. I have never done an all-female race before which should be empowering and exciting. They opened up the Half-Marathon to all women so I thought this would be a great challenge.

I last ran a Half-Marathon in January along with one of my best friends miss Sasha who was always a constant cheerleader through the whole process. Sasha who runs the fantastic celebrity gossip blog Evil Beet Gossip has just launched a new site for women called Zelda Lily. I blog because of Sasha. She taught me everything I know and every now and then my big bad alter-ego “Evil T” shows up on her site.

So please think of me Sunday 🙂 I will be the red-faced smiling girl in a pink hat dancing up the hills. Somehow even when I feel like I’m doing to die I start shaking my booty to Britney Spears…whatever works!

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A Weekend of Fun- I’m a TriAthlete!


Because I am doing the MORE Half-Marathon next weekend, which I feel woefully unprepared for, I needed to run 10 Miles Saturday.

New York weather usually makes me angry but the Spring is the one exception. My friend Miki is a biker and had an idea to bike up to the George Washington Bridge where there were tennis courts. I could combine laying out, tanning as well as running. I am my own TriAthlete.!

I decided to run 5 miles out and 5 back. Of course on the way there I got very lost but at 148th street did find my way back down to the water and I seriously feel in love with this run. It is so peaceful up there and because of being lost I think I may have hit more than 5.

Miki met me and packed a lunch then we played about 45 mins of tennis and enjoyed the sun. I was realizing at this point I had had a bit too much sun. Combined with my lunch and the tennis my run back was a mix of walking and running. I think in the future I need to bring my water bottles. Now the weather is warm hydration and sunscreen need to be part of my routine!

In the end it was amazing. Miki and I are planning on bringing a crew up to the GWB to just have a picnic…maybe then I can bring Fiona as well! Even though it tired me out of my race today it was worth it, and we got some fun pictures as well!


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Run as One 4m


I can’t say that I got a personal best like my last run, the Run for the Parks 4m but I am thrilled no matter what with my time. I ran at a 10:35 which after an 11:45 on my first mile makes me really happy!

This morning, after a bit of a late wake-up I wasn’t able to have my coffee but did manage to get in some water and half a banana. I hadn’t had the chance to get my race number so I needed to get to the bandshell and pick it up by 8:30.

I tried to run to the start which I did last time and my legs were just not being helpful. I am running the MORE Half-Marathon next weekend so Saturday I did my 10 miles and also played some tennis with my friend to celebrate New York’s Spring weather.

I finally got to the bandshell and now will for sure will never pick up my race number late again…it was a zoo but the bright side was that I got to pick up my awesome t-shirt. This race they had these great mesh t-shirts that I raced in because the weather was so nice and warm!

Once I got in my corral I thought I could motivate my little sore legs into running a good race. Turning on my ipod shuffle, however, I momentarily freaked out because I had forgotten to charge it. I would be running this race without music. I hardly can walk my dog without music. I knew, especially on the hills this was going to be hard.

The race started and I was a bit slow but started to get going. I freaked out about the music but then just started enjoying being out on a lovely Sunday morning. It honestly wasn’t the bad, I took in the noise of the run and for the first time got to hear people cheering each other on. I have not been converted into a no-music runner but I know that I can from now on!

After I realized that mile 1 I was running a little slow I got into more of a solid pace and really enjoyed the rest of the race. I sprinted the last few meters to the finish and really felt great to run a nice solid race even through being sore and tired. I love these races…this was the cherry on the sundae of my weekend!

Up next : MORE Half-Marathon! (Goal is to just run it solid!)
Healthy Kidney 10K (my first 10K!)
Mother’s Day Race (With my Mom!)

Distance: 4.0 Miles, 6.4 Kilometers
Date/Time: April 19, 2009, 9:00 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 58 degrees, 64% humidity, overcast.

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I am in Arizona for a bit which makes me so excited. I really want to move back home and live a life without the stress of living in a big city. I sat outside today and literally listened to the birds chirp for an hour.

I am going to run 10 miles tomorrow in prep for my Half-Marathon in two weeks. I’m sadly not as trained as I was planning to be. I had a bit of a hiccup due to some bad weather (since I’m awful on the treadmill past 3/4 miles). I am going to hit it hard this week and hopefully make up for some lost time which can either help me or totally mess me up.

I am, however, thinking of running two more Half-Marathons before my full in October. This is partially because I really want to get my time down on a half and the MORE will be just a step in that direction. I really enjoy running 10 miles…it is a good long-distance for me when I pace myself so hopefully this is not too much of a daunting task!

I’m figuring out where to do my 10 miles. I could just do the inner loop here which might drive me nuts with the repetition or maybe run the canal… we will see!

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