The Biggest Loser Half-Marathon?

March 19, 2009 at 6:59 pm Leave a comment

Ok this whole “Biggest Loser” running thing this season has been weird.

A half-marathon in a HS gym? How is that equal to running outside? This is wildly frustrating to me…it could have been a cool challenge if they set up a mock-race in the hills around their campus. Maybe if they also brought back ALL of the contestants to compete for the 10,000… see how everyone was doing at home.

I love this show, it makes me cry all the time but I do think that sometimes they make things look too easy for the general public. I mean, a 1/2 Marathon is a huge accomplishment but one somebody should really train for… it isn’t about weight loss it is about a fitness goal so I don’t really know why it was in the show…

Between this and Dane’s faux ride and run “Marathon” a few weeks ago I think the folks at “Biggest Loser” need to get a little bit more integrity when it comes to showcasing a sport that people really devote serious training to.

When I started running I was in good shape but long-distance running is a whole different training program. To tell people differently sort of debases the training that runners go through to do these races… just saying.


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