Is Running My Prozac?

February 6, 2009 at 12:03 am 1 comment


2008 was a weird year for me. When the economy crumbled I had a bit of a panic attack. EVERYTHING seemed like it was falling apart though nothing really was. My family was happy and healthy, I still had a job, and I had a great group of friends. Even with the good stuff going on in my life I was stressed about losing money in some investments, the fact my boyfriend had moved away to Chicago, and that my acting career seemed to be stalling a bit. A lot of stress was coming (and still comes) from my job selling wines which I continue to be mediocre at. The world of Tiffany, to be honest, should have been a pretty easy one to live in.

Except I was crazy. My poor mother was on the end of non-ending phone calls of me crying about how I was going to leave New York and find myself in a city that didn’t stress me out too much. I was feeling lethargic and out of shape and totally unmotivated to work out. I could not figure out a way to calm my nerves and I seriously would watch CNN 24/7 convinced that the world was falling apart.

Then running came into my life and I found myself, after the initial “what the hell am I doing?” stage, smiling during my runs. I started going out even though it was cold outside and running my usual walk down the Hudson River on the West Side of Manhattan. These simple short runs made me feel in control of my emotions without doing anything except lacing up some running shoes and getting out there.

All of a sudden I was really happy every time I went for a run. It was a strange sensation even when my body wasn’t too happy. My mind is clear when I run like it is supposed to be when you do yoga. For the record, I LOVE yoga but every time I do it I make to do lists in my head and stress out about the size of my arms. It isn’t super calming to me.

Recently I started to freak out again when I emailed some ladies to try to start planning my best friend’s bachelorette party and realized how busy this summer was going to be. I put a disclaimer in here saying that I understand that I am lucky to be able to do all of this travel but the mere fact it is all at once is making me nervous.

Here is an example below of what I’m working with…

Summer 2009 Includes: (in order)

Bachelorette Party for Jess (my best friend)

Trip to Croatia with mom

Trip to Alaska for Fishing Vacation with Mom and Dad

Trip to Minot, North Dakota to see extended family

Trip to Chicago for Julie’s Wedding

Jess’s Wedding for which I am a Bridesmaid!

So it is CRAZY busy this summer and to get through this stress of the fact that I am way over committed to travel I am running. I am running on my vacations (which should prove interesting). I am running NYRR races on my free weekends in the city. I will make sure that running becomes a part of my vacations rather than something that I “take a break” from. Hopefully this will keep me happy and sane and also allow me to take a break from family trips, get outside and take some time for myself.

Also I’m hoping that all of this running will make me look hot in my Bridesmaid Dress 🙂


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  • 1. Sasha  |  February 8, 2009 at 12:54 am

    Yay, I’m so excited for you! I agree, running helped me A LOT to keep my emotions in check. I’m so glad I discovered it.


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